Extensiones de pestañas - ¿ es una profesión para mi?

Eyelash extensions - is it a profession for me?

!I present here a simple self-assessment! ✍🏻🧠

There is no secret, that eyebrows and eyelashes are making a boom bada boom 💥 💥 💥 worldwide! It seems like everyone either makes them or wears them. Without a doubt, it is a profession that attracts a lot of attention.

But is it really something for you?🤔

If you are thinking about taking an eyelash course, but you are still not sure if being an Eyelash Extension Technician is something for you, you can answer these simple questions.

Should you take a course or not?

Answer these questions and give them a grade from 1 to 10

  1. You love crafts (making cards, necklaces, painting, crochet, sewing...) or you can handle tiny jobs with ease.
  2. You can put a thread in the needle without problem (with or without glasses)
  3. You have a lot of patience and are able to stay still for 2 hours or even more
  4. You notice details that other people don't see.
  5. You like it when they complement you for a job well done.
  6. You love to beautify your surroundings or have an appreciation of beauty and elegance in general.
  7. You are able to make your friends shine and help them feel good.
  8. You motivate yourself. You know how to define your goals and you meet them.

If you answered these questions with a minimum of 6, you have a good chance that you can be successful as an eyelash technician! 🥳

In the next posts, I am going to talk about the ideal Eyelash Technician and how to choose your professional training.

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