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Level 1 Course - Eyelash Extensions (OCTOBER 19 and 26)

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LEVEL 1 Eyelash Extensions Course

First level technical certificate Lovely

DURATION: 3 days

Time to complete the course: 2 weeks
2 days of practice 9:30-16:30 October 19 and 26
1 day of online theory 18:00 - 21:00 one week before practical part

Course price: €475

This training includes:

- Essential Kit and all course materials (sheets, practice sponges, forms in various formats, folder, pages with instructions)

- Book Chief of Eyelashes practical manual in PDF

- Book LEVEL 1: The Principles of LOVELY brand Eyelash Extensions.

- LashShop Training Certificate

- First level technical certificate from Pestañas Lovely Academy Canarias (when the exams are given)

- Essential products to take the course and the internship


Become an eyelash technician from scratch in just 3 days 🔥

These are new OPPORTUNITIES and a new level of development:

✅ You can work for yourself and become a beauty business owner.
✅ No income limits.
✅ Independence and flexible schedule.


In this Eyelash Extensions course you will learn

Placement of eyelash extensions (angle, direction,.)
Isolation technique and Vesna Pelikan methods for rapid application
Adhesive safety and control
Mapping and eyelash design
Types of curves and volumetric extensions
Complete work protocol with guidelines defined
Customer consultation and aftercare

We are also going to learn about technological volume and pre-assembled volume called PRO FAN. ⠀

The program of the theoretical part of the course includes the following topics:

— Physiology of the eyelashes
— Eyelash extension materials:
— Disinfection of eyelash tools beauty
— Technician workspace
— Types of eyelash extensions
— Contraindications of eyelash extensions
— Allergic reaction to eyelash extension
— Technician health
— Cost price of eyelash extension
— Beginning of work of an eyelash technician
— Thicknesses and curves of eyelashes
— DESIGN of the look
— Effects of eyelash extension
— Selection of the effect for the client, considering the structure of the eyes etc

IN THE PRACTICAL PART you will learn:

Eyelash extension rules that cannot be broken:

— The correct placement of eyelash extensions
— Direction of eyelash extensions
— Filling/maintenance techniques
— Prof.'s 3 Keys to Success. Vesna Pelikan

— The express technique for applying eyelashes
— Tips for the care of eyelash extensions
— Correction of eyelash extensions
— Removal of eyelash extensions


· 1 box of curved C eyelashes
· 1 separation tweezers
· 1 curved / angled tweezers depending on availability
· 1 LARGE LASH SHOP DESIGN pallet for Eyelashes
· 1 sachet of 5ml Shampoo
· LOVELY brand glue (subject to availability)
· Face for practices
· 5 pairs of practice eyelashes
· 1 pair hydrogel patches
· Microbrushes
· Eyelash brush
· Micropore tape
· Sheets for cleaning the glue neck
· 1 glue base flower
· 1 stone Jade
· Practice sheet
· Folder with maps of Lovely eyelashes
· Folios with tips and instructions
· Various gifts (rings, etc.)
· Head of Eyelashes book in PDF
· LEVEL 1: Student Manual LOVELY BOOK in COLOR
· Decorative bag
· Practice material in the course

At the end of the training you receive:

LashShop Certificate - when you finish the third day of training

Lovely Academy Certificate in the Canary Islands (international) pending delivery of your final project

15% discount on your first purchase

7% student discount for life