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Cleaning KIT - Eyelashes and Eyebrows (foam, brooch, brush)

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If you like the idea of ​​having your eyelashes and eyelash extensions very clean, the Eyelash and Eyebrow CLEANING KIT would be ideal for you!

Our Foam for cleaning Eyelashes and Eyebrows comes prepared with our star dermo-capillary care product.

Use the brush to clean your eyelashes or eyelash extensions every night.

Enjoy complete freedom and show off your skin, lashes and eyebrows like never before!

1. With the foam and cotton, remove any traces of makeup around the eyes.

2. Use the foam and the brush to gently clean the roots of the eyelashes, making sure that you are not pulling on the extensions or your natural eyelashes

3. Rinse eyes with clean water

4. Dry your eyes with a soft towel, without rubbing. You can also use a hair dryer, but on COLD mode.

5. With the eyelash brush, comb your now clean eyelashes!

6. Enjoy your beautiful and healthy look!