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MIXER / mixer for eyelash glue MAGIC GLUE MIXER

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In 10 - 20s your glue is ready to work! And if it's been open for a while, don't doubt that this little machine will bring you out of the 'tomb'


Hands free: no longer need to stir the glue manually 2 minutes before starting work!


Save time: Compared to shaking 2 minutes manually, you only need 10 seconds!

😍Better grafting effect: Electric stirring is more uniform than manual stirring, which can make the glue last longer.

🌈Automatic Eyelash Glue Mixer: Specially designed for liquids such as nail polish, eyelash glue, tattoo pigment, etc.

😲The rotation speed reaches up to 25000 rpm, improving your work efficiency.

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When your polish has been sitting for a while, it will settle and separate.  The polish shaker makes the nail polish mix well, the gels no longer show and the Glitter polishes cover better than ever, perfect without bubbles😎


Product Name: Eyelash Glue Shaker

Material: Plastic Size: 15x10x7cm / 5.9x3.9x2.7 inches

Rotation speed: 25000 rpm Battery: 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Package includes:

1 x Electric stirrer

2 x Silicone head

5 x Adapters

1 x fan

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