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With this TRIO you will increase the retention of your eyelash extensions!

If you are worried about retention, stay tranquil@. Nosowe know the nightmare of bald clients 😭😭 and with hair on their pillow in the morning...! We have put together this trio, to remove anxiety and give you peace of mind :)

1. PRE-TREATMENT - helps degrease eyelashes and makes them 'magnetic'

2. PRIMER - prepares natural hair for the glue

3. BONDER - this product is a retention enhancer! By creating very strong chemical bonds, it increases the duration of eyelash extensions.

This pack has a 5% discount

If you have your favorite scent, check the product page in the store to see if it is available, and send us a note with your order.

If you still have questions or need to resolve them, contact me directly by WhatsApp at +34 64 88 52521 😀

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