¿Qué son las fibras tecnológicas? Ventajas para las Lashitas

What are technological fibers? Advantages for Lashitas

Do you already know technological volume eyelashes?

Here I present to you the new trend in volume fibers that is driving the entire Lashista market crazy and is increasingly in demand by customers.

Technological volume lashes are easy to use, just like classic lashes, but they give you the Russian volume effect. They are perfect for those who want to achieve a fuller, more dramatic look without the hassle of traditional Russian volume lashes.

These eyelashes are made of high-quality materials and are light and comfortable to wear. Clients are usually surprised because they see a very full effect, but at the same time they do not feel any weight or discomfort in their eyes.

With Tech Volume Lashes, you can say goodbye to the laborious techniques of creating perfect fans. Tech Volume Lashes are designed to give you the volume you and your clients want, with a simple and quick application. They also come in various volumes and densities, depending on your preferences and creative needs.

pestañas de volumen tecnológico


Why use tech volume lashes? 6 REASONS

1. The application is just as easy and fast as the classic lashes, but I am creating a volume effect (2D, 3D, 4D, …)

2. Due to the shape of the base, the fans absorb the glue very well and the retention is much better.

3. The fans are made of very soft and light fibers and do not harm the health of natural eyelashes.

4. They come ready and assembled in a very comfortable tape to give you application as fast as hair-by-hair extensions.

5. You don't need a special course at all. If you know how to apply classic lashes, you can work with technological volume!

6. The technological volume fibers can be combined with classic lashes for a hybrid effect, with spikes for a wispy design, or create any type of combinations that you like.

Is it very expensive to use this hair?

In each technological volume box comes a minimum of 1300 fans. Each of this fan is shaped perfectly and you don't have to waste time creating volume by hand. In addition, the fans are symmetrical and that gives a very elegant and sophisticated look to your sets of eyelashes. If you use 200 fans for each client, one box gives you at least 5-6 clients, which translates into less than €5 in high-quality material.


How much is technological volume charged?

Tech volume is charged equal to or even more than traditional Russian volume. This is due to the high quality of fibers, uniformity of the fans, and improved retention. The price will depend on the area where you work, and also on your level and positioning as an eyelash technician.

I would like to try it, but my clients don't know about this fiber and no one asked me.

Remember that you are the person in charge of the designs. Just as you probably don't know the latest Boeing 747 model, your clients aren't that interested in what's new in the world of eyelashes. They look for comfort, desired effect and retention. It is your job as an expert technician to offer your clients the best on the market and build their loyalty with your excellent work.

I have heard that using pre-made fans is a bad technique and good lash artists don't do it.

What is bad is not training correctly and harming your client's health by using too much weight on their natural eyelashes, or due to lack of correct mapping, making them a set that does not favor the shape of their eyes .

The most important thing is to take care of your health, while being able to offer quality service to our clients. And quality is measured by hair direction, mapping, eyelid distance, correct glue use and retention.

As long as you are aware of these factors, you can use any type of pro fan, easy fan, tech volume fan, or make fans by hand. From what I have seen, lash artists do much more damage by making bad hand fans than those who take advantage of good, light and well-constructed fibers.

In the next Blog let's talk about different types of Technological Volume.

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