¿Puedo aplicar rímel en Extensiones de Pestañas?

Can I apply mascara to eyelash extensions?

I am a lash artist with more than 10 years of experience and I honestly tell you that for me, mascara causes anxiety. It sticks the eyelashes together, it makes clumps, it doesn't come off easily but you have to drag it and there are always, always, traces left.

When I saw LOVELY bring out a mascara, she was quite suspicious. I remember that 10 years ago I bought a box of mascaras from a supplier of mine, and I never sold them because they made a fuss about the extensions. So I took advantage when I was able to speak personally with the director of Lovely, Anastasia Perminova, to see if she uses it and what it is like :)

Well, it turns out that Anastasia used the LASH FIX mascara and she thought it was fine. And when I asked her if she doesn't glue fans together and if she can wash well, she told me that she doesn't, and yes. It doesn't stick and it does wash.

Come on, I thought. Let's see. So I ordered a few and... I'm in love!

I don't know if it's fair to call this product a mascara. Lovely calls it LASH FIX, but to me it looks more like a black TONIC. It has a liquid, light consistency and according to Lovely it helps care for, hydrate and nourish natural eyelashes.

Well, I use it as an eyeliner. Is fantastic.

And what about the MASCARA nightmares?

In real life, let's say, they continue. If you wear extensions, don't even think about using them!! However, in the LOVELY world - LASH FIX eyelash TONIC will help you wear your extensions longer and much more beautiful.

If you are still reading, and you run a beauty center, send me a message because you have a special price only for professionals!

Vesna M Pelikan, CEO LashShop

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