Cómo y dónde aplicar los parches de micro espuma - ¿y porque usarlos?

How and where to apply micro foam patches - and why use them?

How do I apply micro foam patches? And why use them instead of other options?

I understand that most people use hydrogel patches for clients but I am personally super sensitive to hydrogel and so are many clients.
This to start.

First of all, however, for me these are priorities
1. Client's health
2. Health of the lashista (reversely if this does not harm the client)
3. Comfort and effectiveness

Micro foam patches in my experience and opinion cover all the requirements. But not all people know how to apply them and, furthermore, they are prejudiced against it for reasons that are not logical. Seriously, the most common reason is 'I'm not good at it', I waste time applying them, etc.

Here I leave you the link to my YouTube video, where you can see how the micro foam patches are applied.

As you can see in this video, micro foam patches are super easy to apply and have many advantages.

1. They are comfortable
2. Now in LashShop UltraThin version - (ultra-Fino)
3. They don't move
4. They do not cause an allergic reaction
5. You don't need to put micropore tape on top
6. You have ample space to draw the map
7. MY FAVORITE - do you realize the visibility of these hairs????


But this is NOT ALL!

In this video you can see that I am even using them to lift and manage the famous UPPER eyelid. In many clients... no. In TOD@S client@s es it is necessary to slightly lift the upper eyelid, to be able to work more easily.

In many cases we also move the skin to access the small hairs in the corners. With micro foam patches, I can do it all!

Tell me in the comments if you like them, tried them, want to try them.

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