¿Eres Lashistas? 3 Reglas que no puedes ignorar en tus aplicaciones.

Are you Lashistas? 3 Rules that you cannot ignore in your applications.

In addition to a good result... the most important thing is the health of your client.

In eyelash extensions the client's health should be our first concern. That is why there are some key rules that we must know to ensure that our work does not harm anyone's health.

In this article I am going to talk about 3 basic rules for applying eyelashes

  1. Distance of the eyelid.

The distance between the extension and your client's eyelid should be between 0.5 and 1mm.

If you put extension too close, it can cause an inflammatory reaction and a stinging sensation in the eyelid.

If you put the extension too far away, the extensions can weigh more than they should and also, they will not last the correct amount of time (2-3 weeks between maintenance)

2. The length of the extensions

The rule is no more than 3 mm more or ⅓ more than natural hair. For example, if your natural eyelashes measure 8 mm, you should not apply extensions that measure more than 11 mm (the appropriate thickness we have already talked about).

To be able to use classic 0.15 13mm eyelashes, the natural eyelash should have a minimum length of 10 mm and a thickness between 0.07-0.10mm.

3. The thickness of the extensions

This rule is super important and where most people fail.

The rule is that extensions cannot be anything more than twice the thickness of the natural eyelashl.

Most natural healthy eyelashes are usually about 0.7 - 0.10 mm thick. The weight of the extensions you use cannot exceed 0.15 and in the case of very healthy and thick eyelashes, 0.20mm of conical-shaped silk eyelashes.

If you use volume, make sure that the volumetric of your fans does not exceed the recommended thickness or weight. For example, max 2D 0.10 for eyelashes that support the weight of 0.15mm.

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