Finalizas un curso de Extensiones de Pestañas.

You finish an Eyelash Extensions course.

The most frequently asked question (PROFE, HOW AM I GOING?) What now? What should I do? What is the minimum I should expect from my trainer?


This is the question, which I really like when my students ask it. I love receiving photos of your work, and it gives me great satisfaction to see how they are progressing!

However, we have to be realistic and we have to have some way to evaluate and rate precisely what we are doing. Only in this way will I be able to judge progress, challenges or possible errors.

There are many ways to take beautiful photos. It's amazing how many photos are posted on Instagram. One better than the other! But these are not the photos I need to help you improve the application technique.

In the lash course we do, I emphasize the before, after photos, design and the amount of lashes applied.

My students know or should know precisely the difference between the publication photo and the information that must be noted in the client's personal file.

Just as architects have technical sheets of their buildings and then marketing is in charge of selling them, so we have relevant technical information and then the photos that we use to sell our services on social networks.

If you would like to see how detailed your file that you are going to deliver to a judge should be, you can send me an email and I will send you the information.

Here are some examples of different types of photos:


In this blog we only talk about the technical photos and information necessary to measure our work and progress.

TECHNICAL INFORMATION for work evaluation.

You fill out the form that I have provided you.

Photographs that you must send:

Before photos

Top - Natural eyelashes with good resolution
Photos of the map on the pad
With numbers and curves, if you use a design with several curves
After photosFront

After video is welcome. This way I can see how the eyelashes move and if they are positioned correctly.

Technical data of your Extensions application:

- Lash Map used (Kitten, squirrel, open eye, foxy, etc)
- Hair types used (classic, flat, etc)
- Style (classic, hybrid, volume)
- Number of extensions per eye
- Classic number
- Volume number
- Time needed to complete the work
- Total time
- Placement time


1. What you like about your job
2. The problems you found and how you solved them
3. What you learned
4, Questions you have for your teacher

What am I going to evaluate with this information?

- The placement of the eyelashes
- Angle
- Direction
- Placement on natural eyelash
- Amount of glue
- Organization
- Distribution
- Efficiency (time - amount applied)
- Mapping
- Know how to transfer map to the patch/pad
- If you chose the correct map for your client
- Hair type and thickness you used
- The quality of the photos

Although it seems like a lot of detail, I assure you that it is very little compared to what is needed to participate in an eyelash competition. It is possible that at this moment you are just trying to endure the first months of uncertainty that affects all lash artists. But still, I advise you to review the guide I gave you very carefully. Nothing happens if you use it, fill out your clients' files and never send anyone. What does count is how you are going to measure your own progress and evaluate each level you reach in this beautiful profession.

And when one day I receive your email with the question, Professor, how am I doing?

It will give me great pleasure to respond to you with all sincerity and love.

And now, let's create beautiful looks!!

Master Trainer. Vesna Pelikan
CEO Lovely Academy Canarias


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