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LASHY 16 lines MIX from LOVELY

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The stickiness of the eyelash tape plays a decisive role when choosing an eyelash brand.
50% of eyelash manufacturers work with tape eyelash extension technology.
The lash tabs have a medium tape tack, which is convenient for tape-in ​​technology, because the fans form easily and do not break. Also this stickiness of the tape is convenient for manual eyelash makers, because the adhesive layer does not remain at the base of the eyelash and does not interfere with the formation of the fan.
Convenient marking of the tape by thickness, length and curvature : The eyelash technician will not be confused when using several curvatures and thicknesses in the same job.

The eyelashes have an intense black color and a shiny surface.

MIX palettes are formed in such a way that all the necessary lengths are collected in one palette, and each other mixture continues the previous one, so the eyelash technician has no unused lengths. This palette is also convenient for getting familiar with the brand (4-9, 5-10, 7-12, 9-12, 10-15)