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LOVELY Lash Lift Lamination composition №1´Lifting´ №2´Volume´ №3´Care´ 1g

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Lamination composition

№1 Lifting

Lovely №1 eyelash lifting product has the lifting function; Its chemical composition makes the eyelashes more flexible and elastic and can be easily molded. The product is available in an airless pump bottle that avoids unnecessary waste.

    №2 Volume

    The composition for lamination Phase №2 gives volume and fixes the shape of the eyelashes.
    The product is available in a bottle with an airless pump that avoids unnecessary waste.

    For 15 lamination procedures.

    №3 Care

    The composition for lamination №3 is a conditioner.
    Nourishes and hydrates eyelashes.
    Regular use provides a cumulative effect.

    For 15 lamination procedures.
    Composition № 3 contains many caring components:

    - Hydrogenated castor oil (softens and protects eyelashes)
    - Sodium salt of hyaluronic acid (binds and retains moisture)
    - Hydrolyzed collagen (restores hair structure)
    - Chamomile extract (has a calming, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and healing effect that protects from UV radiation).
    For 15 lamination procedures

    The shelf life of the product is 12 months from the time of production and the expiration date after opening: 2 months.

    For professional use only.