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PSL™ RAPIDO Eyelash Lamination/Perming LIFTING Kit 5-7 min

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Perfect Silk Lashes™ Eyelash LIFTING Kit can be used for both lamination and perming of eyelashes. For lamination/lifting, we should use the silicone pads (not in the kit)

Time: 5-7 min.

Only for experienced professionals.

We recommend together with the book ´EYELASH LAMINATION´Manual

This kit is ideal for chemical lash lifting/curving - the perfect solution for straight lashes. The process of forming a curl is simple and can be performed as a separate procedure. Therefore, any specialist has the opportunity to offer his client an exciting twist and make the look more expressive and sensual.

It is recommended to perm before the extension procedure (the interval between treatments is at least 24 hours), if the natural eyelashes are straight or downward.

The Perfect Silk Lashes™ permanent eyelash kit has several advantages, one of which is a yellow regenerating composition. This is a nourishing protein eyelash mask. Using this product will eliminate all effects of chemical exposure on your eyelashes. Eyelashes become softer and shinier.

The effect of the perm is noticeable throughout the entire eyelash growth cycle (from 1.5 to 3 months).

A kit contains material for approximately 20-25 procedures.

USE: Place the permanent curler on the eyelashes and secure it with the permanent curler glue.
Apply PSL™ Perm Lotion (Pink) and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes (for thicker and thicker lashes). hard, 7 minutes maximum).
Remove PSL™ Permanent Lotion and apply PSL™ Setting Lotion (light blue) for at least 3 to 5 minutes.
Remove PSL™ Setting Lotion and apply Nourishing Lotion PSL™ (yellow) for at least 2-3 minutes.
Remove the PSL™ Nourishing Lotion and clean the eyelid and eyelashes with the PSL™ Cleansing Lotion (clear). To help you remove the roller, soak a cotton swab and rub it under the roller.

The time depends on the thickness of the hair. The blue lotion is used at the same time as the pink one.

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