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LOVELY eyebrow fixing soap 18g

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SOON AVAILABLE Brow Fixing Soap Lovely

Description: Eyebrow styling product that allows you to fix even the most rebellious hairs throughout the day, creating a visual laminated effect.

How to use: Spray a little water on the surface of the soap or brush. Bend the eyebrow brush at a convenient angle. Pour a small amount of soap onto the brush. Comb the eyebrows to distribute the product evenly over the hair. If your eyebrows are quite thick and dense, first comb them downwards and then comb them in the desired direction, lightly pulling the hairs with the brush.

Storage conditions: Store at a temperature between 5 °C and 25 °C, away from heating and direct sunlight. Keep closed.
Product expiration: 24 months.
Expiry date once opened: 6 months.
Made in China