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  • ALOE pretratamiento pre-treatment para pestañas LOVELY
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ALOE Degreaser / Pre-treatment Lovely Eyelashes

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LOVELY DEGREASING (PRE TREATMENT) product with various aromas for eyelash extensions and the eyelash lifting procedure.

It has a special formula that protects your eyes from dirt and keeps your natural eyelashes and extensions in excellent condition.

Clean eyelash extensions maintain longevity.
By keeping them clean, you also reduce the risk of itchy eyelids, infections, and many other irritations.

A 15 ml eyelash degreaser (degreaser), the first phase of preparing natural eyelashes for eyelash extensions The degreaser is a product for cleaning and sterilizing eyelashes for subsequent application. It dissolves protein residues well, removes keratin flakes, fats that adhere to eyelashes in the form of eye cream or cosmetics.

Optimizes the connection between natural eyelashes and artificial eyelashes, increases the durability of eyelash extensions

Prepare your own eyelashes for the extension.

Does not dry out your own eyelashes.

The 15 ml bottle is enough for: about 150 treatments.
Storage: cool and dark, preferably between 15 ° and 21 °. Avoid sunlight, heat and oxygen! It is not recommended to store it in the refrigerator!
For professional use only after proper instruction or training. Keep out of reach of children.

The shelf life of the product is 2 years from the time of its production.
Expiration after opening: 6 months.