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LOVELY LASH PRIMER in slightly fruity aroma For eyelash extensions and lamination

Used to clean natural eyelashes before eyelash extensions and eyelash lifting procedures. You can also use it for eyebrow treatments.

Product characteristics: Lovely primer does not damage natural eyelashes and provides better adhesion when doing extensions! It helps polymerize the pigment, so the glue cures faster and we can have up to 2 more weeks of grip between the extensions and natural eyelashes. The extensions stick faster and your set of eyelashes will last longer!

How to use

  • Use an oil-free product to clean the eyelashes (micellar water is fine for removing makeup, but then you have to go over the eyelashes with an eyelash cleaning foam)

  • Clean up any remaining cleaner with sterilized water

  • Using a microbrush or cotton swab, carefully apply the primer to the roots of your natural eyelashes. Be very careful, so that the product does not enter the customer's eye!

  • Comb the eyelashes well with a disposable brush.

  • Completely dry the eyelashes with a fan

  • Ready! You can now continue with your protocol.


  • The product should be stored unopened in a cold place.

  • Expiration date: product packaged in tissue: 2 years.

  • Once opened, it is advisable to use it within a period of 1 year.