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ANTI-ODOR GEL / Neutralizes glue toxins

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Neutralizes eyelash extension glue odors/fumes and protects technicians and their clients from side effects caused by fumes and toxic substances.

Cyanoacrylate fumes are deposited on mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose and mouth. This can cause allergic reactions or cause long-term health problems.

This air freshener gel absorbs glue vapors present in the air and neutralizes them.

Feedback from customers and lash artists suggest

- less stinging or watering of the eyes,

- less headaches and itching after using this product.

- some clients who used to have nausea now no longer suffer from this


Open the lid of the jar and place it next to your drop of glue that you are using. Close the lid when you're done.

Tips to avoid allergic reactions:

- always keep your space WELL VENTILATED

- wear a medical mask

- once you stop using a drop of glue, neutralize it using water, booster, bonder, primer or degreaser

- avoid contact with skin

- do not clean the glue neck with cotton because it causes a very toxic chemical reaction