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  • SAFETY Adhesivo Lovely 4s para clientes super sensibles
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Safety Lovely 4s Glue SUPER SENSITIVE EYES

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For lash artists and clients with sensitivity to cyanoacrylate

The speed is suitable for beginners. .

Drying speed: 4s

To work faster, use speed BOOSTER

Adhesive strength: 3-4 weeks (use BONDER to improve retention)

WHAT SAFETY adhesive stands out

  1. Without fumes, it allows you to do eyelash extensions WITH YOUR EYES OPEN.
  2. It is HYPOALLERGENIC and does not cause tears
  3. Very soft, does not damage natural eyelashes.
  4. Color: BLACK
  5. The useful life of the adhesive is 6 months from the time of its production.
  6. Expiration date after opening: 2 months.